US man sentenced to life imprisonment for murders of pregnant wife, children

US man sentenced to life for murders of pregnant wife, children
US man sentenced to life for murders of pregnant wife, children

A Colorado man was sentenced to life without parole on Monday for strangling his pregnant spouse, smothering both young daughters and dumping their bodies in a petroleum field so that he can pursue a romantic event.

Christopher Watts, 33, has been spared the death penalty at the urging of relatives of his spouse, Shanann, 34, who was 15 months pregnant, and their daughters Celeste, 3, and Bella, 4.

“That is possibly the most inhumane and barbarous crime I’ve managed,” Judge Marcelo Kopcow, who’s 17 years on the bench, stated from the crowded and windowless court in Weld County District Court.

The girls’ maternal grandparents, who had advocated the prosecution to not seek the death penalty at a deal where Watts pleaded guilty in November to the murders, spoke in court before the sentence has been passed down.

“This really is a mysterious monster,” explained Frank Rzucek, Shanann’s dad, sobbing as he stood at a podium only feet away from a seated Watts, who wore an orange prison uniform, his hands cuffed in front of him. “I trusted you to look after them, not kill them. Then you simply take them out like crap. You creature.”

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An equally psychological statement was made in court from the women’ paternal grandparents, the parents of the confessed killer.

“I hate what’s happened,” said a sobbing Cindy Watts, gripping the podium because her son kept his head throughout the 45-minute proceeding. “However we’ll stay loyal as your loved ones. We love you and we forgive you, son.”

Watts, stoic except for a very short moment when he left a seemingly tear-streaked cheek on his shoulder, then apologized to the offense through his court-appointed attorney Kathryn Herold. However, he declined to talk.

“Mr. Watts requested us to discuss this… he’s sincerely sorry for this,” Herold informed the judge.

Following Shanann Watts along with the 2 women were reported missing in August in the family’s house at Frederick, about 30 miles (48 kilometers ) north of Denver, Christopher Watts proceeded on several Denver television channels pleading to their safe return.

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This afternoon, Aug. 15, he had been detained to their murders.

Watts told detectives he had been having an affair. He killed his victims in the home, drove his bodies into a petroleum field, buried his wife at a shallow grave and then pitched the women in different petroleum tanks.


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