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Trump wants Kim to know that he likes him and will fulfill his demands, South Korean Leader says

Trump wants Kim to know that he likes him and will fulfill his demands, South Korean Leader says
Trump wants Kim to know that he likes him and will fulfill his demands, South Korean Leader says

Donald Trump wants North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to understand he likes him and will meet his fantasies, South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in stated on Sunday, a day after fulfilling the U.S. president for an economic summit in Argentina.

Moon, who’s expecting to sponsor Kim shortly on the very first trip to Seoul with a North Korean chief as agreed earlier this season, said Trump had requested him to pass on a message.

“The concept is that President Trump has quite positive views toward Chairman Kim and that he enjoys him,” Moon told reporters aboard a flight from Argentina to New Zealand, where he began a three-day state trip on Sunday.

“Therefore, he requested me to inform Chairman Kim he wishes to execute the remainder of their arrangement together and he’ll meet Chairman Kim’s dreams”

Trump, who met Kim at Singapore in June, stated on Saturday that he’s very likely to satisfy the North Korean chief for another time in January or February, with three websites for their assembly under consideration.

“We are getting along quite nicely. We’ve got a fantastic connection,” Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One on his return by the G20 summit. Trump added that at some stage he’ll invite Kim into the USA.

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Kim and Trump vowed at their very first meeting to work towards denuclearization, even though both sides have made little improvement agreeing on a deadline or concrete measures.

The White House said in a statement on Saturday following Trump’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping they and Kim will try”to observe that a nuclear free Korean Peninsula”. The announcement said Xi and Trump” consented that great progress was made in regards to North Korea.”

Trump has regularly explained a warm personal relationship with Kim, asserting this connection would help him succeed in a diplomatic breakthrough which has eluded U.S. presidents since the 1950s.

In September Trump attracted applause from a crowd of supporters at a campaign rally by describing”amazing” letters he’d exchanged with Kim, saying: “We fell in love, okay?”

Trump’s critics say that such heavy words have failed to yield tangible concessions out of among the world’s most authoritarian nations.

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Trump’s most up-to-date praise for Kim, at the proper setting of a summit with Moon, reveals he is still highlighting his personal connection despite stalled nuclear talks.

Moon explained another summit between Kim and Trump will end up being the”most crucial moment” for North Korea’s denuclearisation.

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