Trump to talk about Trade war with XI Jinping at Argentina G20 summit

Trump to talk about Trade war with XI Jinping at Argentina G20 summit
Trump to talk about Trade war with XI Jinping at Argentina G20 summit

US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping will Talk Commerce on the sidelines of a Group of 20 summit in Argentina this month, a senior US official said Tuesday.

Best White House economic aide Larry Kudlow stated the high tech efforts continue to solve the US-China trade warfare, and also follow Trump’s current phone call with Xi.

“Right now we are having communications in all levels of the US and the Chinese government,” Kudlow informed CNBC.

“We know we will actually discuss trade in the G20 assembly in Argentina. We did not understand that before but that is a certainty”

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Trump is supposed to arrive in Buenos Aires on November 29 for its G20 summit, which will provide him the chance for face-to-face meetings to quiet the trade anxieties.

Important US businesses say they’re increasing prices and face greater prices because of this trade warfare, where Washington has enforced steep import duties on over $250 billion in Chinese products. China hit with tariffs about $110 billion in US goods.

Duty rates on a $200 billion in imports are expected to increase to 25 percent in the present 10 percent, and Trump is threatening to impose tariffs on a second $267 billion of extra Oriental products.

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