Oldest Surviving U.S. veteran dies at age of 106

Oldest Surviving U.S. veteran dies at age of 106
Oldest Surviving U.S. veteran dies at age of 106

Ray Chavez, the Earliest surviving veteran of Pearl Harbor, died Wednesday at California at Age 106.

“Ray was the epitome of the Best generation,” stated Richard Rovsek, a breach of the nonprofit Spirit of Liberty Foundation at Rancho Santa Fe, Tthat he San Diego Union-Tribune reported. “He had been always pleased to be a proud of the army.”

Kathleen Chavez, that was her dad’s live-in caregiver for over 20 decades, said Ray who had been in hospice care, requested to be buried in Miramar National Cemetery at San Diego.

He had been born at San Bernardino in 1911 and grew up in San Diego’s Old Town and Logan Heights communities; his big household conducted a wholesale flower industry, the news outlet said.

In 27, in 1938, he joined the Navy and was cooperating with the minesweeper Condor in Pearl Harbor. On Dec. 7, 1941, he had been a seaman first class; following the assault, he spent another nine days on constant duty in the vicinity of Pearl Harbor, ” the newspaper said.

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He said the horrors he found Pearl Harbor left profound injury.

His daughter, who had been embraced in a San Diego orphanage in 1957, included that “he never viewed himself as another from the other guys he served with. He would always say,’I am no hero. I only did my work. ”’

She advised The Union-Tribune her dad was the child of Mexican immigrants, and even though he experienced racism and discrimination in youth and in the Navy, he stayed a proud American.

Chavez, who adored nonfiction novels and turned out into traveling, spent 30 years as a groundskeeper at the University of California, San Diego, and then conducted his own landscaping and grounds keeping company in the Poway area before he retired in 96.

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