Nvidia to offer AI platform for Chinese EV start-ups

Nvidia to offer AI platform for Chinese EV start-ups
Nvidia to offer AI platform for Chinese EV start-ups

U.S. chipmaker Nvidia Corp has signed separate agreements with Chinese electrical car startups XPeng Motors, Singulato Motors and SF Motors to create autonomous driving technologies, Chief Executive Jensen Huang stated on Wednesday.

Huang, talking at an event in the southern city of Suzhou, stated XPeng and Singulato will use Nvidia’s artificial intelligence (AI) driving chip Xavier and its own computing platform to develop hardware for autonomous driving, a tactical technology area where China’s leaders wish to compete internationally.

The firms individually said they’ll work on a succession of jobs from information collection to machine learning.

XPengin a statement, said it intends to employ level 3 smart driving attributes in its vehicles beginning in 2020 using customized hardware and software manufactured by Nvidia and Huizhou Desay SV Automotive Co Ltd.

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Degree 3 in autonomous driving technologies identifies motorists having the ability to turn their focus away from driving jobs but still needs them to react quickly in certain situations.

Singulato stated it’ll use Nvidia’s Xavier platform to develop degree 3 self-driving systems and upgrade to degree 4, where vehicles have the ability to drive entirely autonomously in many, but not all, states.

SF Motors, located in Silicon Valley in the USA, said it intends to launch its initial electrical crossover car following season and will create its own next-generation autonomous system using Xavier.

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Xavier is an artificial intelligence computing system-on-chip published by Nvidia before this season. Automakers employing the processor may add special applications to accommodate their vehicles to nearby infrastructure and traffic scenarios, Nvidia said.


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