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Ex-USA Gymnastics member Alyssa Baumann reveals that Larry Nassar abused her

Ex-USA Gymnastics member Alyssa Baumann reveals that Larry Nassar abused her
Ex-USA Gymnastics member Alyssa Baumann reveals that Larry Nassar abused her

Still another former USA Gymnastics national group member has added her name to the growing list of women and women sexually abused by Larry Nassar.

Alyssa Baumann, 20, a Plano, Texas, resident currently attending the University of Florida, informed IndyStar she’s the Jane Doe who filed a suit in August at Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois.

The litigation claims USA Gymnastics researched Nassar at 2015 after a trainer overheard Baumann talking about the former group physician’s remedies, however she wasn’t contacted about it before 30 weeks afterwards.

Baumann is one of almost 500 survivors currently depriving the embattled national governing body for failing to shield them from the sexual predator. Her lawyer, Michelle Simpson Tuegel, said the litigation has been amended this week to substitute the Jane Doe designation together with Baumann’s title.

The lawsuit claims Baumann was sexually attacked by Nassar on over 40 events and seeks unspecified damages from USA Gymnastics, the International Federation of Gymnastics and Nassar.

Baumann was a part of the U.S. National Team in 2013-16, which won a team gold medal in the 2014 World Championship in China.

The suit alleges she was mistreated by Nassar “at each national group camp” she attended the Karolyi Ranch from 2013 through 2015, and three big occasions in 2014: The World Championship in China, the U.S. National Championship at Pittsburgh and the Secret Vintage Championship at Chicago.

“The worst was that the World Championships, since it turned out to be a month-long thing. We had been in the ranch for at least a week and a half. We then went directly to China, also we had a hotel room only for remedy,” Baumann told IndyStar. “Plenty of times we’d be left alone in this room. I believe (the sexual abuse) occurred each and every day once I was there since we had been pressured, when we had been there — we were really run down, and exhausted, from training each and every moment. They told us ‘you’ve got to go to therapy Each and Every day.'”

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Throughout this time in China, Nassar gave her tablets before the remedies, and she is not”confident about what he had been giving me,” Baumann said.

“He explained that they had been muscle relaxers I had to take before therapy, so he could — so my muscles are relaxed, and it would be simpler for him to function,” she explained. “But I really don’t know precisely they had been muscle relaxers, since he’d hand pills and let me take them”

Baumann’s lawsuit alleges she had been among those gymnasts overheard by means of a mentor as they discussed worries about Nassar’s remedies during a camp in the Karolyi Ranch in the summer of 2015. That conversation motivated the trainer to report Nassar into USA Gymnastics officials, who ran a five-week evaluation prior to reporting Nassar into the FBI.

However, Baumann said nobody from USA Gymnastics followed or interviewed her till November 2017, almost 30 months afterwards. And afterward, according to the suit, the officer who visited her in Florida requested Baumann concerning the abuse in front of different men and women.

Tuegel, Baumann’s lawyer, stated that question came around precisely the exact same time USA Gymnastics was in settlement discussions with other Nassar lands.

“It is intriguing, before the initial mediation, among (former-USA Gymnastics president) Steve Penny’s individuals is ‘poking around’ using gymnasts to find out who else could pop up,” Tuegel explained.

Afterwards, Baumann stated, USA Gymnastics sent an email concerning the issue to Baumann’s parents, whom she hadn’t told about being mistreated by Nassar.

A USA Gymnastics spokeswoman said the company doesn’t comment on pending litigation.

Baumann’s revelation comes as the U.S. Olympic Committee is moving ahead with actions to strip Indianapolis-based USA Gymnastics — that is facing lawsuits against countless Nassar lands — of its own popularity as the sport’s national governing body.

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Tuegel explained that movement factored into Baumann’s choice to show that she’s a Nassar survivor, also.

“They are tired of seeing exactly what keeps occurring. They really need to see something differ in a deeper level, and it not only be about the surface –‘we are going to pinpoint a new name on this, and things will continue as normal.’ That is what led in each one these girls being in this circumstance. I understand that’s significant to Alyssa.”


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